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Style Eras – Fashion through the ages

Posted on June 09 2016

The 1960s

If there ever was an era that saw a combination of a number of varied kinds of style and fashion trends, it had to the Swinging 60s! There were lots of differing social movements in this decade and the fashion seemed to follow suit.

The early part of the decade was more conservative and restrained like the 50s, whereas the latter veered towards fantasy, psychedelia and mad colours...and lots in between. The early 60s saw a lot of around knee length straight and pleated skirts, straight sweater dresses with nipped-in waists and cardigans. Later on came the still uber popular mini skirt. The invention of the mini skirt was a revolution of sorts and along came short skirts and dresses that were on average 6-7 inches above the knee. The bikini became super popular in the early 1960s and has ruled swimwear style ever since. 

The mid 60s heralded in the era of PVC clothing and accessories and go-go boots! Minis mingled with culottes...and so much more. The second half also saw the emergence of baby doll and tent dresses and more swingy shapes. After dainty kitten heels, emerged the trend of chunkier footwear like flat boots, clog sandals and flat boots. A lot was happening in the 60s style-wise!

The elegant Jackie O, the gamine pixie haired Twiggy, glamourous all-girl group The Supremes, wildly eclectic Cher and the sexy Brigitte Bardot are just some of the vastly differing icons of this era. From elegant First Ladies to gamine supermodels, from cheeky mini skirts to va-va- voom bombshells...a lot went on in the 1960s Western fashion scene!

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