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Posted on August 15 2015

Fashion and trends come and go; but Style endures! Ever watched someone walk into a room and instantly own it? That's what style is all about. Whether you are a designer clothing aficionado, a high street shopper or love searching the streets for bargains, there are certain essential qualities and basics that will instantly set you apart!

1. Confidence: Nothing speaks quite as loudly and eloquently as a sense of inner confidence! It is by far the best accessory you can have, along with a big warm smile. A truly chic man or woman is usually confident with their overall selves and their fashion sense as well. Besides, standing up straight and having great posture, always does wonders to whatever you are wearing. Having fun with fashion and playing around in your closet can also instantly perk up flailing confidence levels and make you feel awesome.

2. Fit: You might have a wardrobe full of the finest designer wear in the world or the trendiest stuff out there, but nothing matters if they don't fit you right. Fit is one of the most important style elements that you just can't overlook! Pay attention to how garments should skim over your and lay on your body. How things should look and make you feel. Fit is another reason to not feel disheartened by a size tag. Don't be hung up on numbers, instead concentrate on how a piece of clothing looks and falls on your body. It really makes or breaks an outfit.

3. Uniqueness: Fast fashion and trends abound. And it can be super fun playing around with different trends. However, make sure you don't become a fashion victim and follow everything blindly; tweak and customise trends to suit your personal style, lifestyle and body! Make it your very own unique style statement by staying true to yourself, while still being current.

A strong personal style is that X factor that we all strive toward and admire in others. It is something that you develop over time with the right clothes and the right attitude! Learn what works the best for you. What are your style essentials?



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