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Fabulous Trends for Indian Weddings in 2015

Posted on August 31 2015

Whether it was Fashion Week or the latest exhibitions or just weddings lately, it is obvious   that Indian bridal wear and dressy desi wear is at an exciting and vibrant new place! With   high wedding season around the corner, it is time to check out what the latest trends are.   Whether you are a bride-to-be or have weddings to attend, these can be a great starting   point if you want a current look.

   Crop Tops & Skirts: Crop tops and high waisted skirts seem to be popping up on red   carpets everywhere; and now even with floor skimming embellished skirts, lehengas and   palazzo pants. Keep either top or bottom unblemished for an even more current vibe.   Usually worn sans dupatta, this look is super trendy and a fun option for a mehendi or   cocktail party.  

Long Jackets: Regal and extremely chic, long jackets have made a huge comeback; but   with a great twist. Jackets and coats over lehengas are a fresh combination. Structured   and cascading jackets, both buttoned and open styles, add an edge to otherwise   traditional bridal lehengas . Great for chilly, winter weddings! 


Unusual Co lours: Bridal wear is now all over the place in terms of colors. This is the time   to experiment with eye-catching hues like juicy citrus colors and hot pink. We are also   seeing a lot of blue. Bright colors teamed with metallic s are perfect for wedding bling and   great for cocktail parties. If you like small doses of bright colors, look for funky neon   based accessories like shoes or clutches instead! 


Cut-outs: Gowns and dresses are all about peek-a-boo cut-outs nowadays. It is also a   great way to add some oomph without going all out. Cholis and blouses with cut-outs also   add an interesting visual and stylistic element. 

  Big, fat Indian weddings are great opportunities to have some sartorial fun and shine   bright. What are the trends that you are loving lately?


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