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Fashion Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style!

Posted on October 09 2015


Most of us have had a fashion faux pas moment or two at some point; some you can have a hearty laugh over today and some still make you cringe in embarrassment! While style rules keep evolving and some you can ignore altogether, there are certain things that always mar your overall look. If you are passionate about buying lovely clothes, are putting in an effort and trying to look your best, but are still wondering what goes wrong, these are some of the major fashion mistakes you may be unknowingly committing -

Bad Fit – The importance of a good fit cannot be stated enough! Ill fitting clothes are always a big no-no. We are all built differently so not all garments will look the same and neither are sizes uniform across different clothing brands. Find the best fit for you regardless of the size tags. Too tight and you create lines, lumps and bumps where there are none and clothes that are way too loose just swallow you up. Getting things tailored with small tweaks can also be a huge help in making clothes infinitely more flattering.

Label Overload – A lot of us have favorite brands and designer labels; but flashing them from head to toe with logos everywhere you look – a big fashion faux pas. Except in rare cases when artfully and aesthetically deployed, a label overload veers into tacky territory. Definitely not the look anyone aims for!

Dated Style – Often what goes around comes around ,when it comes to clothing and fashion. However, even retro and retro inspired pieces work better with a modern twist. Make sure you aren't wearing stuff that is just plain dated , it can sometimes make you look older (barring the classics of course). Style older pieces, deliberately retro clothing and vintage finds with edgy, modern pieces and accessories. If you have old, old favourites you just cant seem to get rid off, see if you can find updated version.

Getting Obsessed with Trends – Trends and fast fashion can be super fun to play with. But think of whether a particular garment or accessory is right for your sartorial palette and lifestyle before you pick up things just because they are 'trendy'. High impact trends are great to experiment with but often lose their shine after a bit, so spend wisely. Overdo it and you might look like a fashion victim!


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