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Style Tips for the Festive Season

Posted on November 20 2015

It's the time of the year where the air is filled with bonhomie and the days and nights are filled with festivals, events and usually tons of weddings as well. Dressing up during the festive season is always a little extra magical and enjoyable! It is often a time when we want to buy new clothes, indulge in our version of glamour and just let our hair down.

It is a time to :

Be experimental – What better time to play around with fashion, than during festivities... it is the time to let your inner light shine bright! With so many different kinds of silhouettes, both fitted and fluid trending right now, there is tons to experiment with. Unusual colour and fabric combinations, bright hues and neon also usually trend at this time of the year.

Indulge in love of bling - Festivals are a time to induge in your love for bling. Whether it was a gorgeous Diwali outfit or a glitzy dress for New Year's eve, this is a time when all things shiny come out to play. Embroidery, crystal work, studs, mirrors, sequins and more; iridescence rules!

Mix the traditional and the contemporary – A crop top with a casual lehenga, Indian style jackets over jeans, a bandage dress with jhumkis and so much more... Mixing the modern and the traditional is so much fun and creates a super unique vibe. Cooler climes mean you can also add funky details like leather and faux leather or embellished jackets and accessories for example with more traditional outfits.

Last but not the least, it is time to relax with fashion rules and have fun! Be colourful, confident and comfortable... nothing quite beats that combination!


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