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Did you know? - 10 Fashion Fun Facts

Posted on November 30 2015

Fashion is serious business for many of us. We all love to take our personal style seriously! Sometimes, you just have to have some fun and be amazed with this glorious, colorful and illustrious industry and its history.

Time to brush up on some style trivia! A few fascinating facts for you -

Did you know?

Love your skirts and the femininity of one? Up until the 1600-1700s, even men wore this beautiful and comfortable piece of clothing. And you still find variations of it in men's clothing.

Women's shirts usually button the left side, where as men's shirts generally button up on the right.

The color purple is considered regal, and no wonder... In ancient Rome only magistrates and emperors were allowed to wear clothing of this color.

Confused about vintage and retro? Some people consider clothing made before the 1960s to be vintage or made between two decades to a century ago. Retro clothing are those made after that time frame or manufactured specifically to look like it came from another era.

The little black dress or LBD, was the brainchild of and made popular by erstwhile style guru and designer Coco Chanel. Definitely made dressing up a lot easier!

If you thought it was tough to figure out how something would look on you after a seeing it on a model, remember that until the 19th century miniature dolls were often used to showcase clothes by designers.

During Medieval times, a person's societal rank, profession and status was reflected in the color of their clothing. Thankfully, no such restrictions now!

It was a trend among fashionable women during the Renaissance period to completely shave off their eyebrows.Ever envied a celeb's wardrobe? The famous Barbie doll, has clothing designed by some of the biggest names in fashion like Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Vera Wang and Versace among others. Lucky girl! And lastly a funny fashion psychology nugget - Studies have shown that people feel physically stronger when wearing a Superman tee shirt!

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