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Style Eras – Fashion through the ages

Posted on December 20 2015

“The color, the shape, and the texture--none of it is accidental. Every item we wear has a glorious (or sometimes not so glorious) history, and that history extends back years—centuries – Tim Gunn.

Fashion is evolutionary. Every decade and period in history has iconic looks and styles that personify each era. From hem lengths to colours to design to inspirations, every style era has its own unique vibe, some of which we love and imbibe even today.

Let's take a look at some iconic features of one super popular style era, whose style influences still ring true. We kick off the series with -

The 1920s

Known as the 'Jazz Age', the 20s heralded in a new kind of joie de vivre in fashion. Style had entered a more relaxed or modern age if you will! People were finally breaking out of the doom and gloom that World War I had cast and celebrating life in numerous ways, including the fashions of the day. Huge changes in the creative world and its liberation also brought in its own flavour to fashion.

Looser and slender silhouettes were popular. Dropped waist dresses, chemise and shift dresses and straight cuts were everywhere. The mid 1920s saw the huge popularity of the Flapper Girl style replete with cloche hats, necklaces and short bobbed haircuts. An iconic look we all associate with the Roaring Twenties. Also a look many of us remember from The Great Gatsby (the book and film having inspired many a theme party and trends)! Flapper girls were the party girls of their day, known for their risqué fashion and makeup.

The 1920s were also when the Art Deco influences came to the forefront, especially in evening wear. Hemlines were ever changing and in the mid 20s reached daring new heights as well!

Designers like Coco Chanel, Lanvin and Pouret among others, came into the limelight in this glorious style era.


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