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Coco Chanel

Posted on February 01 2017

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It is pretty much impossible to talk about couture fashion and style through the ages without talking about French fashion designer Coco Chanel! From the gorgeous clothes to alluring perfumes and trendy fashion accessories , the House of Chanel has become an empire that stood the test of time.

Coco Chanel3

The fashion designer started with making hats as a hobby and then branched into luxe casual clothing. Her innovative use of jersey and casual knits gave women gorgeously draped custom clothing, that allowed them to shed their corsets and partake in straighter, cleaner and sportier lines. The colours veered largely toward black, beige and white; which was also reflected in the designer's personal style as well.

Coco Chanel was not just a fashion designer par excellence but also a savvy businesswoman who soon extended her empire beyond just clothing. From it's inception Chanel as a brand was characterised by timeless silhouettes and styles, and great fabrics. Fabulous designs and the luxe quality have made Chanel's intertwined double 'C' logo one of the most covetable ones worldwide.

When it comes to women's designer dresses, if you love the little black dress, then you have Coco Chanel to thank for that! Her other iconic contributions would also include the chic Chanel tweed jacket, fine quality ballet shoes and the Chanel No.5 perfume. Her quilted Chanel handbags are still wildly popular in the world of designer handbag brands. In fact most of her designs still seem beautifully wearable and current even today!

Coco Chanel

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