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Marilyn Monroe

Posted on September 13 2016

One woman who undoubtedly exuded the va-va- voom factor from head to toe was the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe! The erstwhile blond and curvaceous Hollywood diva continues to be a massive style inspiration to everyone from designers to the everyday woman.

Known as much for her tumultuous personal life as for her striking looks, Marilyn always managed to know just how to dress her body and make the most of her natural charm and public persona. Her hourglass body was encased in extremely well fitting silhouettes whether it was a glamours gown or a simple yet chic outfit comprising of a sweater and high waisted pants or pencil skirts.


The actress also had the signature elements to her style down pat – like the icy blond hair, her favorite pumps and of course the iconic red lips. Marilyn was also known for her body confidence and always gave out a strong sense of sex appeal, self confidence and style in whatever she wore, cellulite and all. A lesson we can all take away from!

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