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Posted on July 14 2017

Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood has fashionistas aplenty; but there is one name that pops up on style lists over and over again... Sonam Kapoor. Whether you love or hate her style and fashion choices, there is little doubt that you can ignore it!

From film awards functions to international red carpet events, Ms. Kapoor always stands out among the bevy of beauties with her glamorous and sometimes out of the box outfit choices. From chic Western outfits to Indian designer wear Sonam carries it all off with élan!

Here are a few style lessons we can take away from this young style icon's snap-worthy looks:

Attention to fit: Whether it is her day to day outfits, airport style or red carpet looks, Sonam Kapoor's clothes seem to fit her just so. While she does have a bevy of designers and stylists at her disposal, good fit is something we can all aspire to ensure. Well tailored and well constructed garments make all the difference in elevating even the most basic outfit.

Experimentation: This film star sure knows how to have fun with fashion! From old school glamour to modern quirk, her style is definitely not boring. Experimenting with silhouettes, styles, colours and more, Sonam's style sensibilities can definitely be an inspiration. Whether its cocktail dresses or designer sarees, online shopping and new designers have made it much easier to experiment nowadays. So no more excuses!

Making an entrance: Last but not the least – Sonam comfortably carries off everything she wears and makes it her own. Glamour may be an innate sense to some, but the rest of us can fake it till we make it! Be comfortable and confident and learn how to make an entrance.


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