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Poornima Nair
Poornima Nair Designs
A clutch has become an indispensable part of every accessory designer's repertoire and woman's wardrobe. The distinguishing features of a Poornima Nair design are its versatility and timelessness. Available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and motifs, these designs are evocative of India and its rich design heritage and each piece is one of a kind. From vibrant festive clutches to elegant understated pieces, a Poornima Nair design is the fashion conversation starter every wardrobe deserves

Meet the Designer: Poornima Nair
Passionate about fashion since childhood, Mumbai based Poornima Menon Nair went from stitching clothes for her dolls to finding her calling in beautiful accessories. Everything Poornima designs comes from an experience, a slice of life. What started as a hobby - designing bags, clutches and purses - eventually became her profession; one that she infuses with a lot of soul!

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