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About Dori

About Dori

About the Label
‘Dori’ meaning ‘thread’, is a contemporary apparel and accessories label which uses classics fused with beautiful embroidery or ‘karigari’ to create forever pieces. The label’s forte lies in its mélange of offerings that are high on colour yet simple in structure and silhouettes for women of all shapes and sizes, replete with rich fabrics, intricate embroidery and skilled workmanship. Dori is an eccentric and unique blend of Indian and Global influences..

Meet the Designer
The soul of ‘Dori’ is Dubai based Bhavya Airan, a fashion aficionado who gave up her flourishing marketing career to focus on her passion. Dori arose from Bhavya's dream to create great affordable fashion, which when combined with embroidery from India translated into unique pieces that people are proud to wear and own.

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