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About Harsha Patel's Jewellery

About the Label

Be beautiful everyday, is the leitmotif underlying the ethos of Harsha Patel’s Jewellery. Catering to the refined aesthetic needs of the contemporary woman of today, it offers an eclectic collection of jewellery with a twist of vintage, baroque, modern or Indian touches. Her jewellery lies in the fine intersection of art, craft and emotions expressing the delicate nuances in faux pearls, rhinestones and semi precious beads and stones, that are meant to be worn for the everyday beautiful you!

Meet the Designer
Mumbai based Harsha Patel followed her childhood love for fashion and design by giving up a lucrative career in advertising to pursue her passion. Years later after gathering more than enough experience under the stalwarts of fashion and design industry, she started her own venture. As a true Indophile, she is constantly moved and inspired by the rich heritage of Indian weaves and surface ornamentation that reflect in her clothing and jewellery.

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