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Salima Lalani 
An intricate explosion of fabrics and colours, Nazakat prides itself on the variety and  craftsmanship it offers. With both Indian and western outfits, and a speciality in bridal  wear, Nazakat has been part of various exhibitions and cities, both national and  international. Indulge your love for fashion with a plethora of hues, cuts and fabrics catered  to varied body types and style sensibilities.

Meet the Designer:
Founder of Nazakat, Salima Lalani has been in the fashion industry for more than a  decade, as a stylist and designer. Salima believes in creativity and innovation and her  collections showcase a plethora of styles suited for all kinds of occasions. Born and  brought up in Mumbai, she opened her own first flagship store at the age of 18 and has  been passionate about her brand ever since.

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