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About Tevar

About Tevar

Welcome to Tevar,

A label that reflects strong design sensibilities and stands for unique expression through style. We stand not for trends, but for timeless silhouettes that reflect your personality. Tevar is for that individual who believes that there is no charm in being part of a herd or wearing generically designed garments.
Exude your individuality and be your best with Tevar!

Meet the Designers: Priyanka Shenoy & Abhishek Dengre
Tevar is a multi-designer brand that has a team of versatile & experienced designers that craft each look with a conformist or non-conformist muse in mind!

Priyanka is known for her edgy and bold silhouettes and has been in the biz since 2012. A design graduate from NIFT, Priyanka has an unconditional love for gold and tasteful bling. A stylist and classical dancer, her energy is reflected in her eclectic designs.

Abhishek is the director of Tevar  and has been part of the fashion business since 2004. Tevar is his expression of design. With a passion for fashion, he believes in giving opportunities to young talent and encouraging designers to achieve their dreams!

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